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Why when im recording from a vst all the notes are cutted

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asked Jul 19 in Studio One 5 by danielbarria (160 points)

Im playing with midi controller. And I want to record with a VST. It's an organ sound made by hauptwerk, But when i'm recording and then I play the track, all the notes sound like sixteenth notes, i don't know why. I tried with others daw for example bitwig, and it doesn't has the same problem

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answered Jul 20 by lucaspiedracueva (990 points)
You are with a native instruments kontrol?
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answered Aug 19 by Tacman7 (330 points)
Try this:

In Track view right click on a midi event with this problem.

Under musical functions select delete notes.

It has a default setting of delete short notes, just click ok.

Now does it play normally?

There's a double note problem that happens sometimes, might be what you have.
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answered Aug 19 by danielbarria (160 points)
Thank you all for your answer. But actually, what worked for me, was use only one channel for my keyboard. That fixed all