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Need Help Input Levels not working when recording?

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asked Sep 4, 2023 in Studio One 6 by demonspeed9 (120 points)
I've watched dozens of videos on setting recording levels. However, nothing seems to work for me. I have Studio One 6 on Windows 10 PC I hook up through a Focusrite Scarlett Solo for an interface, When I try to record, I set the interface as the manual stated but it comes in way too hot.  No matter how much I turn down it still clips like crazy on Studio One. Currently with the Instrument gain knob on the Solo turned down to Zero and the instrument button turned off its still showing in the green light for level. On Studio One with the input level showing and strumming hard on the guitar it says a range of -24db to -18db but still clips 78 or higher times. With the Instrument Button on the Solo turned on it shows an input level of -6db give or take and the Solo stays either green or amber. but it clips way too much still. I when O change any of the Input knobs it can lower some still clips but it also loses all the tone from the amp sim I am using and sounds like garbage. do I have a problem with the interface itself or is the problem in Studio One ? I am waiting for nother interface to try in the meantime so figured I'd ask.

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