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AudioBox USB not working in OSX El Capitan ( keeps disappearing)

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asked Feb 24, 2016 in AudioBox USB by vladimirdruts (110 points)
Alright, so brand new purchase. Figured it would just be plug-n-play. El Capitan, everything works! I also have a Centrance Micport Pro USB Interface; and it works just fine. No issues what so ever.

Plug the Audiobox in /w the stock cable... Nothing, move it to the other USB port; and finally it shows up but only momentarily, then it starts to disappear and show up again a few times until it's gone for good.

Unable to make it work!?!?!? Any ideas.
commented Mar 23, 2016 by DominicB (17,160 points)
Apple has addressed this issue in their latest update. Please reference this post on their site:

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answered Feb 24, 2016 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
There is a huge thread on the Apple forums about this, we are not the only vendor that this is a problem with.

We are using the Apple Class driver, while your other interface is using a custom device driver. It is the USB Device driver in Mac OS X that is failing.

We logged a bug with Apple about it before El Capitan came out and reports are coming through that 10.11.4 (now in beta) may finally fix this.