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Why do audio "handles" disappear in merged audio parts?

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asked Jul 24, 2020 in Studio One 4 by retro7g (120 points)
Thanks for the suggestion! Dissolving the merged audio parts did work to re-establish volume and fade handles--but I don't understand what is going on at all.  Here's what I'm doing in process order:

01) I cut up an audio take into three segments

02) I apply fade in / fade out to each segment and re-order them on the timeline

03) All segments are then merged into a new reconstituted new audio part

04) No volume or fade handles appear in the new audio part

If the new audio part is an audio part, why no handles?  If I were to omit step 02) would things work as I expect?  I never had this issue with merged parts in Pro Tools so not quite understanding it.  Thanks for any enlightenment you could send my way.

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