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Why do some of my audio events not play at first?

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asked Aug 11, 2020 in Studio One 4 by judahcarvanna (190 points)
edited Aug 11, 2020 by judahcarvanna
Hi all, I've got a strange problem with some audio events in my song.

Basically, I have one audio event approximately 3.5 bars long near the end of my song that is copied and pasted multiple times, with about a half bar gap between them. They're working in conjunction with TAL Vocoder (which doesn't appear to be the problem), and occasionally on some of the event instances, the audio won't immediately play for approximately the first half of a bar, and then kick in. It's not starting late, the audio that is playing matches up with what should be playing, it's just muted for some reason.

Even weirder, is that if I scroll back and start the playback at the beginning of the event, it will play as if nothing was wrong at all. Since I've not finished the track yet, I've not tried bouncing down the audio to see if it translates into the finished file.
This is also my first song on Studio One, ever, I'm completely new to this software.

I'm on Windows 10 Home x64 on a custom built PC, using Studio One Pro 4.6.2
Interface is a ********* UMC 1820, driver version 4.59.0

*EDIT* I exported a mixdown and the problem persisted onto the audio file.

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answered Jan 23, 2021 by petrchernienko (350 points)
The same! And it starts from version 5!
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answered Jul 21, 2021 by roelvan1 (470 points)
Any updates on this?
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answered Nov 20, 2021 by robertfavier (180 points)
(using v5) I have the same audio drop-out issues others have. This is what I see:

1. MIDI notes are not triggered if playback begins mid-note. To reproduce this, create one long duration MIDI note, move the timeline marker mid-note, then trigger Play on the transport. The event isn't triggered. Using the Sampler VST to initiate and continue playback of audio clips using a held note can fail to play for the same reason.

2. On extremely rare occasions all audio playback has failed, requiring a full restart of Studio One. Perhaps Studio One failed to recapture the audio controller after it was re-made the foreground application (with "Release Audio in Background" enabled) and didn't warn of the failure and then retry? failed due to low system resources? or perhaps it was just caused by case i#1.These are only guesses at this point.