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Dropouts, pauses during playback.

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asked Jul 25, 2020 in Studio One 5 by anthonyeverette (230 points)
What are some causes of pauses and dropouts during playback. I was playing through the demos that come with Studio One 5 and I can't get through an entire song without a few hiccups. Restarted. No other programs running. Resources look fine. Windows 10 PC Surface Book. ioStation 24c via USB-C. Don't have issue playing back just a few tracks but these bigger multi track files seem to be having a buffer issue or something.

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answered Aug 28, 2020 by jimsutherland (860 points)
Your problem is more about your computer, its configuration and setup,   also the buffer and dropout settings .... for my laptop i have to use maximun dropout with the buffer set to 256 (middle of the scale) so far ive gotton thru a twenty two track song using all the plugsins needed and EZDrummer2 in real time.....   basically have a minimum of 8gb  memory and an I3 or better processor quad core preferrably , but my laptop is two core I5 6th gen.,   it doesnt do as well as my desktop in my studio, but that isnt very portable and I have a rented studio and a home studio so i work files back and forth alot.... Search google for "computer config for audio recording" there are a long list of things you can do to help your computer free up resources
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answered Sep 20, 2020 by chrisgannon (490 points)
I’m having the same issue only after upgrading to S1 Pro v5 (latest update). I see the track meters are still getting their signal and no pauses in the curser during song playback but the Main Output signal just drops out. I’m on a new Mac Pro with a 3.2GHz 16-Core Intel Xeon W processor, 8TB SSD drives, 96GB of memory and the Radeon Vega II 32GB graphics. Plenty of horse power but with the drop outs that are suddenly occurring, Studio One is unusable. Contemplating moving back to Pro Tools which sucks because I’ve loved Studio One up until now. Between this issue and the fact that it constantly crashes, I may have no choice unless Presonus fixes these issues quickly!
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answered Sep 21, 2020 by chrisgannon (490 points)
Here's what I found over the weekend regarding the main output dropping out. There was an issue with some plugins. I globally disabled all plugins and it played back fine without dropping. I then went track by track and started enabling them. I found that some plugins had lost their activations and one other needed to be upgraded so, once I fixed those issues, no more dropouts. A little tedious but, it seems the issue had nothing to do with the Studio One application.

I hope this helps.
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answered Nov 8, 2023 by niknan (270 points)
Hi. I'm just giving my experience with this issue, in case it could be useful to some other presonus user...
I'm also seeing that most questions are a little older and or not solved.
The issue: crackling while playback (on any DAW soft or windows sounds)

Laptop Acer Nitro 16 (AN16-51). i7-13700H, 16GB RAM DDR5, 1 TB NVME, NVIDIA RTX 4050 laptop GPU / Windows 11 23H2
Presonus StudioLive Series III 24 & 24R (both)
My laptop is brandnew. Presonus equipment were older and in use with others PC flawlessly

Obviously my problem was with my new laptop (is a nice laptop, so there had to be "something" to do)

I tried several settings with mixers (44.1/48 - 16bit/24bit - buffer size - compatibility mode - updates). > Nothing

Then tried other optimizations at the laptop. Almost everything (except some functions that couldn't be -dropbox, drive, etc.-) > Nothing

BUT WHAT WORKED for me, was going to: System properties > advanced system settings > Performance Settings > Advanced > Adjust best performance for background Services.
After this, no more crackling while playback.

Hope this could help any one before loosing too much time!