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Studio 1824C no windows sound

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asked Jul 27, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by jerichomusic (200 points)
I have just purchased a Studio 1824c and have a real issue.

The unit works fine as a recording interface, but I cannot play sounds from windows.

This is extremely frustrating and I have never had this issue with any other interface. So when I create a mix or master file, I can't actually play the file on this computer. I have to copy it onto another computer to listen to it.

Is there a problem with the driver or have I set it up incorrectly?

Is it a problem with the interface? I have read someone else complaining of a similar problem saying that its a fault with how the unit is made. If so, is there any plan to fix it with a firmware update?

I hope this is something easily fixed.

Thank you

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