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Left mouse not working and random freezes/ crash on V5!??

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asked Jul 30 in Studio One 5 by joshuafranklin3 (210 points)
Anyone else having this issue?  Especially when drop and drag from explorer menu, moving items in the timeline -etc..

also noticed way more CPU usage and random crashes.

Is there a fix??

I’m about to go back to 4! :(

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answered Jul 30 by AlexTinsley (881,440 points)
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A lot of plug-ins are still running old code, this will cause high CPU usage and the crashing you're seeing. Make sure you have latest versions of the plug-ins that you're using when your system crashes. 

Make sure your system is up to date as well. Studio One 5 is using latest Visual C++ Libraries, your Windows 10 system should be version 1709 or later. To tell which version of Windows 10 you have go to the search in the taskbar and type: winver.