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Studio One 5 Not Responding After Close

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asked Oct 5, 2020 in Studio One 5 by rubenchavez (190 points)

Hi, after months of trial and error, searching in forums for possible solutions, finally I ask for support. My computer is an HP Laptop, i7 CPU, 1Tb SSD Hd, 16gb Ram and multiple Audio Interfaces.

After saving a session between of 1 to 32 tracks with multiple plugins, every time I close Studio One, the app fails to close, freezes and task manager points to "Not Responding" so I have to End Task Manually.

I noticed this only and specifically happens when I have a Full Kontakt 6 Instance opened. I have other DAW's and none of them present this behavior or problem with Kontakt, it is only with Studio One that crashes every time I close the software.

Please verify and fix if possible, thank you


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answered Oct 7, 2020 by martynadams1 (240 points)

I am seeing this behaviour in Studio One v 4.6.2, I thought I had located the issue with Kontakt 5, but it's still doing it with Kontakt 6. When I forceably ended the task, that same song did have problems playing back kontakt 5 loaded instruments, so be cautious.

However, currently I Studio One does close the song eventually, I haven't timed it but it's at least 15minutes, haven't timed it, I'm sure it's longer.

It's a shame v5 is still having issues like this, I have been holding off upgrading.
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answered Feb 6 by haraldlfberg (200 points)
I too have the same problem! Projects With multiple kontakt instances. I think i’ve also seen a connection to how long the session has been opened but i dont know why...
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answered Feb 13 by taylorscott2 (1,550 points)
I also have this problem. Even just like 5 or 6 Kontakts and it can take a few minutes to close. I have a pretty powerful computer so it's not that, it's something in the software. I created a supported ticket a minute ago.

Windows 10 x64


12-core Ryzen 3900x