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Studio One One Drive issue on second computer install

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asked Aug 1, 2020 in Studio One 4 by ZiggyDude (1,020 points)
I installed Studio One V4 Artist on my Windows 10 laptop and all worked well.  I then tried to install the same on my new Windows 10 PC.  Both the laptop and the PC share mappings to Microsoft One Drive.  When opening Studio One on the PC it started bringing down its pieces from One Drive.  Slow of course.  So I shut that down.  Fearing that my laptop may now be messed up I turned off the PC and opened Studio One on the laptop.  It now behaves the same way and is bringing its pieces in from One Drive instead of its own hard drive.

I want each computer to have its own install on its one hard drive.  Maybe share One Drive for projects if that can be done.  Work on the same project from home or travel that way.


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answered Aug 1, 2020 by ZiggyDude (1,020 points)
Not an answer - just an update.  I have found that this is mostly (not all) a One Drive issue.  Still - S1 requires us to work careful here - it was not built for a OneDrive world.  At least not this version.

So - when you install S1 it will try to install on 1D (One Drive).  And you have to tell it different.  The option does not appear until S1 is installed and you go for the additional content.

So far I have S1working on the 2nd puter and partial on the first.  The demos and some plug ins wont load on puter 1 even though they were there before.

Oh - if you are on puter one and you delete 1D references and files.  They are still there.  Computer 2 will see them and access them.  So computer 1 is still confused.
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answered Aug 4, 2020 by ZiggyDude (1,020 points)
Just another update - it seems that this is a known issue.  At least that is what PreSonus tech support says.  So, I suggest that even if you have OneDrive turned off - avoid the documents folder when you install!!!