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Presonus HP2 5pol "mini XLR" Extension?

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asked Aug 4 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by tobiasstich (120 points)
Hallo together!

I recently bought two Presonus HP2 and I am very happy with them, since they make monitoring for my artists so much easier.

My question ist, is there somewhere an extension cord from this 5 pol "mini XLR male" to 5pol "mini XLR Female", or is it a custom connection? I can't seem to find the correct Cable. is it Lemo?

For once, the length of the cable sometimes isn't long enough, and it is very unpractical, to extend the dial TRS Cables (wich is also another source of error, wenn the connection isn't perfekt).

On the other hand, I would love to lay an alternative 5pol cable to my recording booth, so all you had to to, to hear yourself is plugin the HP2 into the other 5 pole Cable in the booth.

Since the Signal is transmitted symmetrical, there should not be an issue in extending the nice and thin 5pol cable.

Can you help me?

(also a bonus Question: Would it be possible to power the HP2 via the 5Pol cable comparable to Phantom Power, so there was only one the cable running to the Headphone amp?)

All the Best


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answered Aug 20 by ejwelch (1,160 points)
Hi Tobi,

Thank-you for buying the HP2. To answer your question, the cable that comes with the unit is custom. For an extension you would likely have to build a custom one. However, if the pin-out on both ends of the extension is wired the same, it will work.

To your second question, unfortunately it is not possible to phantom power the unit, sorry.

Best Regards,

Eric Welch