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Preosnus! please make a git repo for the ATOM firmware

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asked Aug 5, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by lorrismusic (850 points)
It could be nice to have a git repository for the ATOM firmware, i'm sure a lot of us wanna dev stuff on it like scale modes, light show, sequencers, games, or etend some features

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answered Oct 22, 2020 by jessiejensen (410 points)
I highly doubt they will release firmware, but a VST plugin mechanism or some other API extensibility would be great....
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answered Mar 14 by raphaldoursenaud (410 points)
I don’t think the hardware is capable enough and firmware hacking is not that easy.

You’d be better off using a software solution like the proxy I’m currently working on :

It’s in the early stages of prototyping but seems promising.