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Can you please do something about the brightness of my Atom

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asked Apr 28 in Atom Pad Controllers by hugokruijswijk (200 points)
Dear Presonus,

My Atom arrived today and yes I love it, but the brightness of the pads is really: insane! It's almost a reason to just send it back, this thing is on my desk next to me all the time, this is really not doable.

It really can't be too hard to fix this with an update, because in editor mode it's a lot better, but still quite bright. I'm really not the only one who's serious problems with this.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards

Hugo Kruijswijk

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answered May 1 by jameswest7 (2,650 points)
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Hey Hugo,

There are three different brightness settings for ATOM's pads and buttons. So if the default setting is not right for you, try one of the other two. To change the brightness:

  • Press Shift + the circle Setup button to enter ATOM's Advanced Setup Mode
  • Press the blue Bank button
  • Each time you press Bank, it will change to a different brightness setting. This cycles through all three settings.
Hopefully that helps. For more info about the features in the Advanced Setup Mode, check out the ATOM owner's manual.