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Presonus Symphonic Orchestra to play back in Notion

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asked Aug 31, 2020 in Studio One 5 by yoelbreuer (590 points)

Hi, my question is about Notion. I have my entire arrangement written and all set up in notion. Now, I wanna send it to Studio one to assign some virtual Instruments so the sound should be high quality. I'm using Presonus symphonic orchestra for the sake of simplicity just because i found it to be the most integrated and easy to assign the sounds to my tracks (am i right? is it the best option?) Now here is the question, how can i export it or send it from notion to studio one and Presonus symphonic orchestra should play back all the articulations or key switches properly? I tried both options by the send to Notion feature. Send Score and Send Midi. By sending Midi I've actually achieved that the dynamics should play back correctly. But when it comes to Pizz, Portemanto or glissando Etc. When I send it with Send Score option I only achieve that the score editor should notated it properly. Please help me to figure out the easiest way how i can send over my arrangement from Notion to play back in studio one with the Presonus Symphonic Orchestra (or any other sampled library) Thanks! 

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