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Static noise coming from my new Eris e4.5 with just power cable connected

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asked Sep 8 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by rubenangelov (170 points)
As the title said, there's static noise coming from both my new Eris 4.5 monitors, even when only the power cable is connected. It's noticable from several meters away and is really annoying. When I plug my headphones into the phone jack on the front the noise stops completely though, and there's no noise from the headphones. Again, this has nothing to do with the actual audio cables.

I've already tried different power outlets and also turning everything in my room off except the monitors, but with the same result. Is this a cause of bad grounding or dirty power or a problem with the speakers that I got?

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answered Oct 8 by davidzisa (160 points)
I have two Eris E5 XT monitors, just took them out of the box and they are hissing as well, even with no TRS cable plugged in.  I did the same, plugged them into all my outlets, including my Furman rack power.  Did you get a response from Presonus yet?
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answered Oct 9 by rubenangelov (170 points)
@davidzisa I have no idea how to comment on an answer but I hope you see this anyway. I sent them back and they said there was no problem with them so I just asked for a refund. Probably going to bump up my budget a bit and get a krk rokit 5. I never actually talked to presonus though I sent them back to the company I bought them from, so maybe presonus would have found a problem. I'm going to stay away from presonus in the future they seem to be cutting corners with the quality.