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A very important feature that is unfortunately not present in the program

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asked Sep 29, 2020 in Studio One 5 by mohamedqadi (200 points)
There is a very cool feature in PRO TOOLS, but I did not find it here in your program
When I double-click in an empty place between two audio pieces, the pro tools shade the empty space exactly.
But your software doesn't do that
Rather, it creates a virtual piece that is empty and not completely in a vacuum, but rather according to the divisions of the TEMPO
And the space between the two pieces is not completely shaded as in the attached video
I hope this cool feature is available because it is very important to my business
Their lack of availability in your software is the only obstacle to my transition from pro tools to your great program

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answered Oct 13, 2020 by roysonboleh (1,110 points)
Why don't you describe the reason WHY you think this feature would be helpful. Also, it would be nice if your title was a bit more descriptive.