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CPU performance reported withinS1 v5 is greatly different than CPU performance reported in Window 10 Task Manager.

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asked Oct 5 in Studio One 5 by lynnseacord (170 points)
I have fairly high performance computer ( HP Z4  i9, 64 g mem) and I have noticed that CPU performance reported within Studio One V5 is greatly different than CPU performance as reported in Window 10 Task Manager.

Anyone noticed this?  Not sure the potential significance.

Comments would be welcomed

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answered Oct 5 by keithhollister1 (160 points)
This is common on all DAW's on PC & Mac. The CPU performance meters in S1, LPX, Cubase, etc are measuring the CPU resources consumed to process the real-time audio threads. These threads may overload and not be able to process the audio in real time when the overall CPU load is still substantially less than 100%
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answered Oct 6 by robertgray3 (38,170 points)
Keith’s answer is correct. It also switches to show the core/thread that is closest to overload.

If it showed info that lined up exactly with the Task Manager it would be pretty useless as you would be getting dropouts even though it would be at 20-30%
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answered Oct 6 by lynnseacord (170 points)
Thanks for the observations.  Makes sense.

I'm glad I asked.