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Studiolive 32sx TAPE IN record into Pro-tools

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asked Oct 19 in StudioLive Series III by corynoziglia1 (200 points)
Having trouble figuring out how to record the TAPE-IN (USB) into Protools.  I've assigned the USB from my computer audio into my Tape In channel, so I can play and listen to audio played from my PC. I realize it's routing through USB channels 37 and 38. I have my Protools output set to USB Channels 1 and 2 on my mixer.  But I can seem to figure out how to record the computer audio via Tape in onto Protools.  Protools recognizes channels 3 - 32 no problem .. but anything higher doesn't seem to get signal.  So for example, if I simply create two tracks, and assign them to inputs 37 and 38, there is no signal when playing computer audio.

Any suggestions ? Thank you
(Windows 10, Protools 12, firmware and drivers up to date, most other things seem to be working fine)

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answered Oct 20 by AlexTinsley (906,380 points)
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Pro Tools I/O is limited to 32 In and 32 Out. There is no work around for this in Pro Tools, however you can use Studio One and you won't have any issues.