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Is anyone else having problems with Kontakt crashing Studio One 3.2 on close?

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asked Feb 29, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jamesbuhler (930 points)
Since upgrading to Studio One 3.2, every time I open a song that uses Kontakt, Studio One crashes, either when closing the song or closing the program. Is anyone else having this difficulty? This only happens with songs that have tracks using Kontakt. I've trashed the Studio One preferences and reinstalled Kontakt. Does anyone have any other ideas?


MacBook Pro 10.10.5, 16GB, Studio One Professional

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answered Apr 23, 2016 by mortenkc (240 points)
Yes. when I open Kontakt 5 it freezes Studio One 3.2 but music keep on playing but I cant stop it. I must use Controll Alt Del and turn it off in the test manager in windows.
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answered Apr 27, 2016 by mortenkc (240 points)
Have you found a solution?
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answered Jun 20, 2016 by troyblack1 (200 points)
Yes. .I have been having the same problem since updating to S1 3.2.3.

Suddenly, if I select an instrument track that uses Kontakt 5 or do anything with Kontakt 5, it freezes my S1 in whatever state it was in at the time - including unstoppable playback.

If I wait long enough, the system will resume, usually anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes later. It is impossible to get any work done.

I am thinking about re-installing an earlier version of S1 until this bug is worked out. I have found no other solutions so far and I lost an entire weekend trying to find a fix
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answered Jun 21, 2016 by troyblack1 (200 points)

I found this solution on the NI forum and it seems to be working. 

Reset Kontakt's database information to its default library and user paths by the following:For PC go to C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5

Some folders may be hidden. So, to enable hidden folders on PC if you don't know how, read this:

For Mac go to Macintosh HD > Users > ~ > Library > Application Support > Native
Instruments > Kontakt 5 > Db

Note: On newer Mac OS computers where 10.7 or a later version is installed, the
User Library folder is hidden. To access it, click on the Apple task bar entry
named Go and press down the Alt key. The Library entry will become visible in the
drop-down menu and can now be selected.

Locate and Delete the Factory.kdb.cache, kontaktdb2 and kontaktdb2lock files

Empty Trash/Recycling Bin

Then restart Kontakt. This rescan will take a few minutes. 

Like I said, this seems to have corrected all of the issues that I was having with Kontakt and Komplete 10 in general when used as plug-ins in studio one.

Best of luck!

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answered Jun 28, 2016 by donnylin (160 points)
edited Jun 28, 2016 by donnylin
I have the same problem,I notice in Kontakt ,when I slelect "Files" in menu bar, it take very long time.So I think this is the reason why StudioOne crashing when using Kontakt. The following is my solution:

First run Kontakt 5 in standalone mode, press "Files" in menu bar, it will take some time.

Then disable all "show network drives","show removable drives","show foreign formats".

This works for me, I hope it will also works for you.
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answered Apr 7, 2017 by harveywright (1,610 points)
My Kontakt 5 crashes every time I update the song in the project.  It crashes when I click ok after it has updated the mastering file.  With help from PreSonus, we narrowed the problem to the VST2 version of Kontakt 5.  The AU version works fine for me.
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answered Jan 1, 2018 by rickhill3 (180 points)
edited Jan 3, 2018 by rickhill3
I am still having this problem. I have tried the solutions proposed in this thread along with a full delete and reinstall of both kontakt and studio one. No luck. It is making both programs unusable for me which is really not adequate. Does anyone know what else I might try? Should I contact support directly?

Edit - I have contacted support directly and am waiting for a response. If a solution is found, I will update here.

Edit 2 - update...OK, I tried something more out of random frustration and it seems to have resolved this problem for me. I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't try this earlier. I removed ALL of my quick load files from Kontakt. That solved it. Kontakt has always had trouble dealing with the quickload files I have here. Perhaps I had too many. I can definitely live without that feature, using file browse instead so that's what I'll do.

I hope this may help someone else.