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Layers not syncing up correctly across a group of tracks ?

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asked Oct 21, 2020 in Studio One 5 by tomnamias-fajwlowicz (180 points)
Basic case : I'm recording a guitar with 4 mics (a M/S pair plus two LDCs). The tracks are empty, grouped and all armed. I'm doing multiple takes, as one does, then I go to comp it all together.

I solo Layer 3 of one track, S1 group-soloes Layer 3 of tracks 1, 2 and 4 but for some reason Layer 4 of track 3.

Again, the tracks were empty before recording began and I recorded exactly the same number of takes to each one.

I've encountered this bug a lot recently and have no real way of fixing it, I can export all layers to tracks and re-insert them as layers in a new project but 1/ I lose all pre-roll data (goodbye transients) and 2/ It can litterally take hours to do so when editing tracks with 100+ layers on them across a whole mix.

Does anyone know what this bug is and/or how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance, I really love S1 and have been working with it for the past 6 years but this is grinding on my nerves a smidge.


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answered Apr 13, 2021 by matthewhill4 (150 points)
I've had the same issue, really irritating. I am going to try importing the song data into a new song, in cse the song file has become corrupted somehow.