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I can't activate my Presonus Sphere account membership.

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asked Oct 26, 2020 in Studio One+ by timothyschipper (150 points)
Hi there,

I have tried everything that is written on this website, but I can't activate my Studio One 5.1 with my Presonus Sphere account. It shows that it is connecting with the server but than nothing happens.. "activating product" and then the dialog dissapears... and I'm staring at the same screen.

If I click on: "Activate offline" I see an activation code with 16 characters xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx ... I can only paste an activation code in my Presonus account with at least 20 characters long.. So how can I activate this software? Thank you for your help!

I'm on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) , latest operating system: Catalina version: 10.15.7 (19H2)

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answered Nov 2, 2020 by thomasrau2 (310 points)
i have the same problems!

do you find a solution?
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answered Dec 27, 2020 by aaronyork2 (250 points)

If you have studio one artist, prime, or producer already follow these steps:

1.) Open Studio One 5

You don't have to install a new edition of studio one 5, but if you already have run the installer more than once in your problem solving it won't be an issue. You can activate studio one professional within studio one itself.

2.) In the top left, click Studio One

Should be to the right of the soundcloud/macro icons

3.) Locate the activation button and click it

This should pull up a page with options, I'm not looking at studio one as I'm writing this but I remember an "Activate With Presonus Sphere" option. Click that.

4.) Restart studio one if it doesn't force restart on it's own.

Once it reloads you should see the new professional logo underneath studio one. 

5.) Download presonus sphere extensions and samples:

You can navigate back to the studio one tab (top left of the start page in studio one) and click manage downloads (or something of this kind) and then create a custom download from your purchased items from presonus. 

If you don't have a previous version of studio one, follow these steps:

1.) Go to

Login to the presonus account you used to purchase presonus sphere. Go to the products tab in the bar at the top of the page, it should then switch you to the presonus sphere interface. Once you arrive at the presonus sphere page (where your name should be displayed) scroll down until you see an icon for Studio One 5 Professional.

2.) Download the presonus sphere edition of studio one 5

To the right side of the rectangular icon you should see a presonus sphere logo and a download icon. Rather than clicking the download icon to the right of the presonus sphere logo, click the presonus sphere logo. It should then download the installer for the Presonus Sphere edition of Studio One Professional, solving the common issue of not having a product key or license number to activate an outright version of studio one 5. 

3.) Activate via presonus sphere

Once you've followed the on screen instructions within the installer and launched studio one via shortcut or the program file found in your (C:) drive, activate by entering your email and password. (use the Presonus Sphere option to activate.) You should be good at this point and be able to start downloading all your libraries and extensions.

Finally, rub your eyes and your head from all that problem solving and information, then make some music!


Corbin York

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answered Jan 3, 2021 by brianhanson (170 points)
I have a similar issue and am now totally confused.

I downloaded and tried Studio One 5 demo - liked it and took out a years subscription to Sphere - but I can't find it, can't activate it, don't have any sort of licence code - and my version of Studio One still says DEMO - under the Studio One name.

None of the related problems that I have been reading about and the suggested solutions have helped as yet.

Is it advisable to delete the Studio One Demo and start again or is this not necessary?

Thanks for any help.
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answered Jan 4, 2021 by orhansalliel (160 points)
Dear Corbin,

I have had the same problem and did follow all the things in your explanation. But it is still the same nothing is solved! I can not activate add-ons that Sphere Membership owners can get as the "Presonus" promised. I start to feel very very much disappointed. I wrote to the authorities still no help.

I even am considering leaving this Sphere crab! Is this the business till you get the payment and no support after all?

The answer unfortunately seems so a big YES.