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Cant play any sound source outside of studio one 5

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asked Oct 28, 2020 in Studio One 5 by bjornholmstrom (120 points)
So i just went from S1 4 to S1 5.
I have a studio live 192 as recording device.
When I used the 4.5 version of S1 I could have S1 open and then go to spotify or youtube and listen to music.
Now I cant to that any more! as soon as S1 is open I cant listen to any sound source outside AND when I close down S1 i need to restart my soundcard to be able to listen to spotify or youtube again.
Funny thing is that the same thing happend at my home studio computer as well! went to version 5 and now i cant listen to music outside of S1 and need to restart the soundcard after quiting S1! (at home I also use another soundcard). Same thing here, did not have any problems with this before the upgrade

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