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Why is the sound cutting down when certain inserts are active?

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asked Feb 12, 2021 in Studio One 5 by da46 (200 points)

Hi all, I'm new to Studio One. Migrating from FL Studio, at least for recording and editing.

I am working on a song and I was listening to the mx, while suddenly, without touching anything, a loud white noise kicked in the headphones and no sound came throught any longer, even though the track was still playing.

I noticed that a highlighted 666 has appeared on the "Clip / Peak Levels display" (Figure 1).

Also the problem seems to disappear as soon as I disable the inserts on the Vocal Bus (Figure 2).

Looking into it, disabling the CLA76, CLA2A, Analog Delay and Doubler is enough to fix it (Figure 3), but if I then enable CLA76 inser from the second BUS (Figure 4), the problem comes back. I decided to keep it disabled for testing purposes.

I then enabled ADPTR Metric AB on the Main/Master mixer track (Figure 1) and the problem comes back.

I'm not too sure of what exactly is happening here, but it definitely is not normal.

If anyone can help, that'd be great.

Figure1    Figure2  

Figure3   Figure4  

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