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Save / Export to MIDI-0 and MIDI-1

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asked Nov 2, 2020 in Studio One 5 by jacquessteyn1 (1,460 points)
All prominent DAWs (Sonar, Protools, Cubase, Logic) and even "smaller" ones can export to MIDI. This is not possible in SO.
Many composer of complex music use MIDI as basis before going to Waves.

MIDI is also preferred as method in many collaborations - it is much easier to edit than waves; and alternative sounds can be heard very easily without re-recording.

I know composers who are not interested in SO because of the lack of such a basis function.

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answered Nov 2, 2020 by wesleypeterson (20,870 points)
You can use the Save As under the File menu and change the file type to midi and it will save your project as a .mid file after a  giving a warning.
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answered Nov 4, 2020 by jacquessteyn1 (1,460 points)
Thanks Wesley, I checked now and the function is there.

I guess when I checked last week my SO5 still had among other things XML-file related problems as many things did not work and it did not show the options then.

So please ignore this request then.