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Simultaneously feed input from computer (mp3) and audiobox jacks

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asked Aug 26, 2017 in Studio One 3 by dlindstr (150 points)
I want to feed the input from both my computer (i.e. mp3 player, youtube, etc.) and Audiobox input jacks (guitar, mic) at the same time. If I use just the Audiobox 22VSL without Studio One running, both inputs feed to the Audiobox output (speakers, headphone). But when I start Studio One, only the sound from the input jacks (guitar, mic) comes through; computer input (mp3 player, youtube, etc.) no longer feeds through. I play with the mixer knob (i.e. playback vs jack input balance), but it doesn't resolve it. I have gone through the troubleshooting steps several times, including uninstalling (using detailed instructions for deleting all traces of original driver) and re-installing the Audiobox driver. I have done this on each USB port, but no resolution.

Note that I was able to successfully do the above scenario with the older version of Studio One (before upgrading to Studio One 3).

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answered Aug 30, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (199,710 points)
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Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing.

On Windows, you will need a 3rd party application like Banana to do this:

An application like this will allow you to route audio from other background apps like Youtube, Skype into Studio One.

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