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High noise when playing a track or instrument

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asked Dec 8, 2020 in Studio One 5 by cautrindade (130 points)
Dear Sirs, I'm not using Studio ONe for quite some time. I've upgraded from 4.5 to 5 and my recordings were playing well.

This week, After I've installed some VST plugins with Fishman Tripleplay and run my Studio One, all I can hear from any audio track or instrument is a high noise.

As a test, I created a new song and imported an audio file and when I try to play the same happens. A single track with a audio file imported to.

When I play an instrument, I can hear it very low behind that high noise.

I use a HP i7 16GB RAM, 1SSD + 1 HDD, AsioALL 2.13 and no other external device. The tripleplay vst is installed but the device is not connected to the computer.

I have no idea of what it may be.


Carlos Trindade

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