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No video playback.

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asked Dec 15, 2020 in Studio One 5 by theomondle (130 points)
Hello...I have Studio One 5 Pro the latest version and while trying to load a .MOV video file, the player prompts No Codec. I have Quicktime and VLC players installed in my PC. Thanks for any Help.

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answered Dec 17, 2020 by aka_busker (25,600 points)
Hi.  There are two things to look at.  K-lite Codec pack and also Handbrake video converter software.  #### I recommend Handbrake converter because I use it often for turning m2ts files from one of my cameras to MP4.  It will convert most codecs like MKV/MOV to most codecs H.264 AND H.265.    I also use it to convert different frame rates to other.  For example, I have one camera that does 25 fps mp4, one that does 24 mts2, one that does 30 fps MOV and another that does 50 mp4.  I use a drop frame algorithm in the Handbrake program to convert all frame rates to 24 fps to sort out sync issues.  Hope that helps you.