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Series on board effects in Studio One

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asked Dec 21, 2020 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by rgbass (920 points)
I would really like to have the on board efects on the series III boards available to me on Studio One.  Yeah I know there are built in effects, like Mixverb, Room Reverb, Open AIR, and arguably that Analog Chorus is better than the on board chorus.  But I really like the 335, Vintage Plate, and the Digital XL, and I know them really well since I use them live.  It'd be great to use them when necessary in a recording project, plus, Capture could then record those settings for recall in Studio One, just like it already does with all the Fat Channel options.  I think for at least those of us who own a board, we should have access to them, and they can be available for purchase for other users, again, just like Fat channel.

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