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I have to install Melodyne altough I have alreay installed it several times.

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asked Nov 3, 2020 in Studio One 5 by davidstocker1 (190 points)
I upgradet my Studio One Artist Software to Studio One Professional, but when I install Melodyne and want to start it the programm tells me I have to install Melodyne in order to use it.

Also my Melodyne Key, which I need to activate Melodyne ist too short.

I would be glad if anyone could help me.

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answered Nov 3, 2020 by aka_busker (32,870 points)
Hi.  To find the Melodyne plugin, you need to find your install folder for VST3 plugins.  The default windows location is inside your c:\Program Files\common Files\VST3 folder.  Add this to your vst plugins location information.  If you're using Mac then I am of no further help.  (FYI:- VST3's will install to this folder by default, especially if there is no option to change the location.)
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answered Nov 4, 2020 by davidstocker1 (190 points)
Your answer was very useful, thank you!
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answered Nov 4, 2020 by aka_busker (32,870 points)
Hi.  No problem.  Glad to help.
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answered Mar 16, 2021 by larryshetter (140 points)
I got a new fast PC so I installed 4.6 Pro and activated. Melodyne worked a few days then went into read only demo mode. To make a long story short I logged into my account on the Melodyne web site looked for my products, and saw my key was registered but 2 of my PCs were not activated.. There was a button to download Melodyne ver 5.1.1 so I did that. unzipped the file and lo and behold they put my personal lic key file in the install files, so I reinstalled, rebooted and now Melodyne is activated on my DAW. Yay.

I tried for 2 days and submitted 2 support tickets. Sheesh...... If I had only known...

Here is the link