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FaderPort 8 in Shift-lock mode doesn't allow Studio One Scenes/Search to work properly

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asked Jan 7, 2021 in FaderPort 8 by Blades (390 points)
If you put the FaderPort 8 into Shift-Lock mode, which is required to do the Shift-ALL function that causes the FaderPort 8 to mirror the selected channels in Studio One (in my case via a Channel Search in the new 5.1 version), the faders then automatically snap back to 0db instead of being allowed to move.  The Manual, at 2.7, sub5 (page 13), describes this as:

"All / User. Press to view all Studio One channels (mixer and outputs). Press Shift + All to view the User Remote Bank."

Unfortunately, this causes a conflict between the FaderPort mode and the Studio One function.  This should either be an option somewhere that can be modified or a default in Studio One if the FaderPort is present.

While this might be a "feature" for anyone using the feature of "user remote bank" with your own hardware AND software, this breaks functionality.

I created a video of how to use the FaderPort 8 along with the new "search" feature here (at about 6:50):

This "feature" completely breaks that workflow.  You can see other users referencing the same issue in this thread on the Presonus Forum:

This is pretty clearly a conflict within your own products that is causing a problem for your users.  This is NOT a feature request.  In fact, it is a bug report.  We want to see this fixed.

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