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32SC USB no longer recognized on Mac

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asked Jan 20, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by ryanharper (150 points)
After 3 months - my computer no longer recognizes the StudioLive 32SC USB - tried on a different computer - still no signal.

It does get recognized via ethernet cable

Does Presonus have a history of USB suddenly not working?

2 Answers

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answered Jan 23, 2021 by rogerbritt (180 points)
I've had mine for a year and have had no trouble with it recognizing my iMac usb. I have a 27" 2012 Mac.
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answered Aug 18, 2021 by richardadeleke (150 points)
I have just experienced the same issue on my 8 old month Studiolive32sc. I need a quick solution. I am in the middle of a recording.