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Has anyone found a quality desktop tilt stand that works well with the Atom SQ?

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asked Feb 9 in Atom Pad Controllers by allensmith5 (270 points)
Best case scenario, looking for variable angle desktop tilting stand that nicely fits the ATOM SQ. Or possible, an articulating arm mount similar to monitor mount arm.  Stable, fits size nicely, makes no noise when controller played.

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answered Feb 18 by winstonwright (260 points)

I found this little stand ( on amazon for less than 20 bucks. It has pads that absord sound pretty good, not perfect ubt it works. i use a mousepad under it to make for any additional noise that i might make. It works well with or without the mousepad. It would have been really nice if they incorpreted a folding stand into the design. Anyway, i hope this helps you out.