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asked Feb 14 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by ianwidgery (1,000 points)
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No support for M1 users... with the exception of a email response from Presonus telling me the M1 update should be availble in 2 weeks - That was over 2 weeks ago.

I am a new client using Presonus and decided to invest in the 2626 for my new studios. No warning that it does not work with M1.

The updates from Presonus are way to VAGUE. Its almost like they cannot be bothered. I realise that a suprise mac update happens, but really to write this code should be no more than a few weeks, 4 max with testing.

If the new update for Mac M1 is not out very soon im going to return the unit for a refund.

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answered Feb 16 by josephrayle (290 points)
I'm having the exact same experience.  I like and rely on their gear in my studio.  I have their Faderport, and a set of their studio monitors, but I'm just sitting dead with my 2626 waiting for the driver.  We're trying to get tracks done for release in the event we ever play gigs again.  I'm going to remember this for a long time when I shop for new studio gear in the future.
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answered Mar 3 by danmiller17 (100 points)
It's pretty clear that M1 is not supported yet. Most companies don't support M1 yet. It's an undertaking. So even if you get your 2626 up and running, you're still up against all kinds of issues. Always give a new OS a year before updating and give new hardware, like new CPUs, even longer. I'd recommend using an older computer and keeping the 2626. Good luck finding a better interface than that for the price. The quantum line has been a game changer for me.
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answered Mar 10 by josephkazda (140 points)
I Have Mac mini using the M1. The 2626 is not recognized by the operating system and I'm currently without a working interface. My old Focusrite does not work and from what I've read, Focusrite's newer units don't work with the M1 either. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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answered Mar 13 by petegrant3 (180 points)

Same here. I was able to take my M1 Mac mini out of brick mode since December to install Studio One 5.2, hoping that an AudioBox USB96 would work, since MOTU hasn't updated the 896mk3 drivers. Everything plays OK, but no record. I'll just go back to my 2012 iMac, which isn't officially supported (High Sierra is the top OS for that), but it does have SSD drives and 32 GB of RAM, so it chugs along. 

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answered Mar 23 by cbfugllm (180 points)
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hey all, i got an email today from presonus support saying

can someone please test and confirm? i recently returned an m1 - there were other problems too though - and i would love to get back on the m1 train if this really works flawlessly.

link >

many thanks, felix

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answered Mar 23 by edgraves (140 points)
I am also having the same issue
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answered Mar 26 by petrbajer1 (180 points)

"Quantum driver support for M1 has now been released with Universal Control 3.4.2." is just a wish and not a reality. I re-installed everything about 3 times and nothing changed so far (and yes I am aware of a security issue as I run my Quantum 2626 on the other macs. I also wonder if someone other than Presonus can confirm it. 

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answered Mar 29 by josephhaley1 (170 points)
So I just got everything working. M1 Mac mini.


It will go into a special recovery mode where you have to go to the "Startup Security Utility"

And Change the setting to "Enable Kernel Extensions From Supported Developers"

And then go and install the new driver. Took me a half hour to figure it out but its solid and has been working for the last 4 hours with VCV and Ableton no problem.