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Audio files from almost all of my sessions have no data, or transient graphics. Zombified audio files

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asked Feb 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by robertmiller40 (130 points)
The data in the audio files across most all of my sessions has suddenly disappeared. (This is distinctly different from the normal "Studio can't find the following files" issue, because the track strips of the original audio files show up in the sessions, but they are 'empty', no transient graphics, no data.)

 PLEASE help! Three of my clients are screaming for their files, and I am at a complete loss as to what could have happened. Ive read through ALL, and performed ALL the recommended procedures within this site for linking the files; Even when I direct Studio One to the exact folder, and the exact files one by one, Studio One doesn't recognize them as audio files; and the file sizes are as if there isn't any data at all in each file. OMG, I'm nearly about to have a breakdown over this... I am willing to pay for remote support if I can just get someone to help! I am an Electronics Engineer/Programmer, & and I still can't figure this one out... I would be so grateful for some help, thank you in advance for taking time out of your day(s) to assist this urgent matter!

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