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Does S1 Version 5 have mixer reset?

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asked Feb 23 in Studio One 5 by Scardanelli (1,580 points)
Always irritates me that in order to export raw Stems from S1 4.6 I have to spend so much time manually resetting all faders to zero, de-activating plugins and sends. Turn off read all automation on each channel etc.

Does Version 5 have a professional Stem export function yet? I haven't upgraded but that might be one good feature worth paying for.

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answered Feb 23 by tothrec (18,380 points)
I feel your pain.  Been there a couple times and have had to re-open a project and go through all you described to get the stems exported the way I wanted.

The way I'd say it: add some check boxes to the Export Stems dialog

1. ignore Pan
2. ignore Volume
3. bypass track FX
4. bypass bus FX

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answered Feb 24 by Scardanelli (1,580 points)
Yep - and why the whole thing has to go through the entire mix chain in the first place.What I want is an "in place" track bounce that ignores the master bus and as you say allows me to completely ignore all signal paths, sends etc. Essentially just prints all the contiguous audio regions on a track as they lie, raw!