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I had to reset my audio I/O in S1, now my mixer is bypassed and HP isn't working

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asked Jun 24, 2021 in Revelator Series by eddiecolmenares (410 points)
3 weeks of hell after moving to a new computer. First, old song data apparently means nothing for audio I/O, this isn't mentioned anywhere in any tutorial for moving to a different computer, has been an ignored issue for years now.

So I followed instructions to fix that inside of S1, and the next time I turned my computer on, audio was going through headphones only. Opening UC (this is in general, not necessarily in Studio One), my mixer is greyed out and it says "Mixer Bypassed". I can pick Main In/Out for audio, but then headphones don't work.

Anyone with a clue as to what happened, I would appreciate your help. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled UC several times now. It cannot be a driver issue.

Specs - 8 core 64 bit Win10, S1 5 Pro, Studio 192 Mobile, Digimax DP88



1 Answer

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answered Jun 24, 2021 by eddiecolmenares (410 points)
I found the Mixer Bypass button.

So weird, I certainly never bypassed it to begin with.