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Sidechain to itself/original source (within the splitter).

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by Kuno Nagel (330 points)
Such a normal mixing techniques today, is the ability to use the original source as a sidechain to itself. Mostly used with wet effects, where you for instance duck/sidechain reverb or delay when the original source is playing. The splitter would be amazing for exactly this, but it is not possible because of the routing system (maybe because sending the signal to itself could end up as a feedbackloop). Now maybe there was a simple solution to this, in how you could select the sidechain source.

This is really keeping me away from the splitter for instance. This is also a normal feature in some of the other DAWs that have rack/chains like this.

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answered Apr 1, 2021 by salsaboy (320 points)
By this you mean being able to side chain from one of the branches of the splitter to the other right?
I'm totally into this.
In ableton you have audio effect rack and it's superb. It's very nice for kicks or delays. When you need to side chain the wet from the dry.
Right now in studio one you need an independent track/channel. With this functionality you could use one track with a splitter and side chain from one branch to the other.

Very good!