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Feature Request: Copy Reaper's slip edit mechanism and in particular how its applied to takes

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asked Mar 26, 2021 in Studio One 5 by charlesmonteiro (340 points)
In general slip edit works better in Reaper , in Studio One , one encounters that slip editing is often has limits to how far one can displace the audio, have not found such limits in Reaper which allows for a quicker flow.

There are plenty of videos out there and just pulling up Reaper and trying should illustrate this pretty readily.

In particular with takes ,and of course this is more pertinent depending on tempo, instrument recorded etc, but one can slip edit any take resulting in totally aligned take lanes i.e. at the word/phrase unit so that then spits can be made that encompass all versions of for example a particular word, phrase which ultimately allows one to make a comp decision based on the sonic quality of a take.

In StudioOne often one can not make a section splice across multiple take lanes that properly encompass the target word or phrase, which leads to giving up on some candidates

The general point is that slip edit in Reaper is just so much smoother that I find it leads to more productive recording to takes and the final comp process workflow

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