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How do you hook up the Revelator to your iPhone for TikTok

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asked Mar 31, 2021 in Revelator Series by ericdpaul (490 points)
I want to use the audio from my Revelator as my mic in TikTok or just in my iPhone in general. From the videos i've found, I got an 1/8th inch cable, put it in the headphone jack of the revelator, into a TRRS splitter (into the microphone port) then my headphones into the headphone port, then into the iPhone dongle that it comes with into my iPhone, but nothing. Is the dongle not powerful enough and I need to get a dongle with a USB port, and power, then my headphones out of the revelator? I also tried this going out from my 2626 headphone jack with the 1/8th in cable, then splitter, then dongle into iPhone.

Would love some help thank you!

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answered Aug 17, 2021 by DominicB (17,160 points)
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The best way I've found is to use a Lightning to USB hub adapter, preferably with a the lightning power port on it as well. You can plug the Revelator into the the USB-A part of the adapter and then plug the adapter into the lighting port of your iPhone. In some cases this may work fine, which it has for my iPhone XR. However, it may require more power in other instances, in which case you'd want to plug your iPhone charge cable into the power port of the hub adapter. This will also work.

Tip: If you are using phone case, you may have to remove it for the best connection of the hub adapter, just depends on the type of case you have.