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Could you recommend an effective Foam Windscreen that fits the Revelator.

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asked May 29, 2021 in Revelator Series by ellenhughes (120 points)
Is anyone using or does anyone have a recommendation for a Foam Windscreen for the Revelator?

I have a pop filter, as it sure needs one but the base really doesn't accommodate it easily. I also now have an undersized foam windscreen on it now but the a good portion of the lower half of the grill is exposed still and I need to speak into the upper half of the mic and the tonality if affected. I like the proximity effect and the foam windscreen does help so I know if I get a larger one it will fix the issue. Anyone? Some are expensive and some not so much. I just need larger. Right now I have a cheap "On Stage" foam windscreen on it that fits handheld dynamic mics like an SM58.



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