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"hanging" or "stuck" midi notes to external devices (hardware synths) problem in studio one, who can help me?

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asked Apr 2, 2021 in Studio One 5 by roidebruijn (870 points)

I have a problem with hanging midi notes in studio one when composing in midi to trigger my hardware synths.

It happens when retriggering (starting the sequence a few times quickly via the spacebar on computer) while at the same time transposing the midi note up or down the scale. It seems like S1 then won't keep up and it misses the midi off message resulting in hanging notes

Im using S1 v5 and an elektron tm1 midi interface ( never had problems in other daws with the tm1; so I'm expecting this to be an S1 issue)

The same problem happens when using S1 v4 *tested that

Its super annoying when composing so I was wondering if someone has the same problems and hopefully a solution for this problem. (or if its a bug: a bug fix in the near future?)

Thanks in advance

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answered Feb 20, 2022 by ronaldfigura (160 points)
Have you tried the "chasing" parameters?
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answered Feb 28, 2022 by garybgman (160 points)
I too am having problems with MIDI notes being stuck on sustain or frozen.
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answered Mar 24, 2022 by jasonmartin19 (370 points)
Also experiencing hanging MIDI notes on external hardware on 5.5

What S1 settings should be checked?
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answered Mar 24, 2022 by jasonmartin19 (370 points)

I've tried changing the below advanced MIDI settings and the issue still persists

MIDI monitor in the DAW shows no activity after stopping the DAW, however notes on certain synths (in my case, a Roland D-50) hang until I turn them off


Note Chase and Cut

In the Studio One/Options/Advanced/MIDI (macOS: Preferences/Advanced/MIDI) menu, you can find two options: Chase Long Notes and Cut Long Notes at Part End.

Chase Long Notes should be engaged if you would like Studio One to play back a long note even if playback begins after that note's Note On position, effectively treating the playback position as the Note On. This is very useful when working with long, synthetic drone parts, for instance, which may have a Note On at bar 1 and then continue throughout the rest of the Song.

Cut Long Notes at Part End should be engaged if you would like a note to stop playback if the related Instrument Part ends before that note's Note Off position

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answered Apr 30, 2022 by roidebruijn (870 points)
Haven't found any solution yet. I tried a different midi interface.... different routings and midi settings and stil no positive result.

Also did a test with Ableton lite and i couldn't even replicate the hanging / freezing notes problem there ...rock solid.... so I don't want to jump to conclusions yet but for thus far it seems like S1 is just not accurate enough to handle midi note off messages flawless.

I still hope i missed a setting/parameter that solves this issue although im pretty sure i checked everything. If this is purely a flaw of midi sequencing in S1 then i hope they solve it soon... As the hardware gear community is ever growing, midi stability should be one of the most important things to have a daw do flawlessly.

Myself and probably many others can't live without decent midi sequencing (of hardware equipment via a DAW) and I would hate to leave S1 simply over such a basic function.... since it does al lot of things right and in my opinion better then many other daws.

Please presonus... take a look at this issue
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answered Sep 10, 2022 by jaimeramirez4 (480 points)
Desactivating the "chase" dont resolve the problem. Please fix this. This is a super DAW but this is stop the beatiful DAW workflow...
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answered Mar 9 by devingademan (350 points)

I am also slowly coming to the conclusion that any of the things that I try to solve this problem won't work (I'm also using quite a lot of hardware gear). As of March 10, 2023, does anyone have found a solution to this problem? Any updates from Studio One as well?
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answered Mar 16 by timellwood (220 points)
Worked fine in Studio One 5 on my mid 2012 Mac Pro Desktop. Now I have a Mac Studio and the hanging midi fiasco has arrived!
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answered Mar 31 by devingademan (350 points)

This isn't very promising to hear. I am reaching out to another synthesizer-related forum in the hope that it will bring a solution to this problem. I'll check this page every now and then.