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Any ideas how to test Mix outs on StudioLive 32 to see if they are working?

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asked Apr 3, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by nickperry (960 points)
edited Apr 7, 2021 by nickperry
I have been using my StudioLive 32 for quite a while and have only ever used the Mix 12 for an outboard Reverb. I went to connect another FX unit to the other Aux return, sending my channels out through Mix 11, and the display shows that it is sending audio but the effect is not audible. Here is everything I've tried so far:

1. I changed Aux 2 to the same FX unit to make sure it wasn't the fault of the external gear.

2. I looked through the setups of Mix 11 and Mix 12 and do not see any differences in the way they are set up.

3. I tried both Aux 1 and Aux 2 as returns (it works for 12 and not for 11 either way, so I am fairly certain the issue is the Mix send).

4. I then tried Mix 1 through 10 and had the same result as 11! I am now a little worried that the only one I've ever used is the only one that works.

5. Worried now, I took out the left main cable I'd been using out to a speaker just to see if there was any signal at all coming out, set the Main mix fader, set a drum machine through one channel and put that channel's fader in the same place on all Mix outs, and then moved the XLR going to my speaker from Mix 1 through Mix 12 and again, the display shows a signal on every Mix but I don't hear anything on any Mix except 12.

Is there anything I'm missing or have I really just been using the only Mix that works all this time? Any ideas would be appreciated!

Update: I took a break and came back fresh in the morning and got some TRS cables to check Mixes 13-16 and they all worked fine. I am not sure why Mix 12 does still work, but I think Mixes 1-11 are toast. I did realize that I had set up Mix 1 and 2 a few months ago as headphone mixes and they no longer work.

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