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Studio One 5 changed from 44.1 to 48 Khz after update now audio is too fast.

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asked Apr 3 in Studio One 6 by richiejarvis (170 points)
Universal Controller needed an update so after a complete freak out from my 32sx everything appeared to be fine until I started recording. I have always recorded in 44.1 but as soon as I bounced down I saw a warning that my console and daw were at different frequencies, why after I finished and not before.

Anyway, I though at bounce I would just change it back to 44.1 in the settings as well is in the bounce options but it still sounds sped up. On playback through the console or through the Mac it sounds perfect but no matter what I change when I bounce the track it sounds sped up.

It is becoming rather clear that my MAC and Studio One Five don't get along.

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