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Studio Live 64 with NBS 16.8 stage box with ProTools 12. Not getting audio in via stage box

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asked Apr 26, 2021 in Networked Stage Box by mikeclark18 (160 points)
NSB 16.8 stage box inputs not getting to Protools via Studio Live 64

Just purchased NBS 16.8 stage box. I have connected it to my Studio Live 64 via "network" and can hear audio input via my Studio Live 64.

However , the stage box inputs (channel 33 thru 48) do not record /route  to my ProTools 12.

The I/O in ProTools shows there are 64 in/out. but im only getting the 32 (Studio Live 64) in/out  . not the stage box inputs.

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answered May 27, 2021 by jonnydoyle (403,360 points)
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Pro Tools has 32x32 I/O limit when not using their HD Hardware + Software versions.

PT will only accept signals from the first 32 inputs it sees from the driver. All channels beyond this will NOT produce any audio.

This is by Design from Avid and as such there is nothing I can do to help you further.

Note: Studio One does not have a I/O limit with it's Audio Devices.