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Feature Request - Transpose Note FX

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asked May 24, 2021 in MIDI Editing by kb_ace1 (1,430 points)
Please add a Transpose Note FX that will transpose the incoming midi from a controller. There are several advantages to having this feature.  It would especially come in handy with all the great mini keyboards that are out but don't include transpose buttons;  or they require a 3rd party app to transpose which can negatively affect workflow.

Currently we are able to use the track transpose  but the main issue is that it transposes all midi events in the track as well. Many times we need to adjust the transpose to add on/replace midi notes in the track because of the size of portable keyboards. Adjusting the transpose allows us to get the right notes in range for only the part we need to record. For those of us that need to transpose the keyboard and not the whole track of existing midi as well, Transpose Note FX would be a great solution.

Many of the larger midi controllers come with octave and transpose buttons which makes things a little easier, but usually at the cost of portability. I have 2 larger keyboards with transpose buttons at both my workplaces. One of the things I often find is that after using transpose on the keyboard, I usually have to remember to reset the transpose back to zero because I'm going to be adding another instrument or drums/percussion part on the next track. By having Transpose Note FX it would be on a per track basis which would eliminate having to think about resetting the transpose on the keyboard.

Hoping this request can be added in the near future.

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answered Jan 5, 2022 by aronpetritz (640 points)
A transpose Note FX would also be very helpful for multi-instruments. I'd love to combine sample-libraries with different intervals, for some added texture. What's the point of multi-instruments if I have to copy-paste the midi track again anyways in order to transpose it...
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answered Apr 22, 2022 by Beloved1 (1,510 points)
I'm actually surprised this feature has not been implemented.  Many DAWS have this feature DAY 1.  I've been an S1 user for quite some time and when I needed this feature I realized, it wasn't there.  I was totally confused because I really thought this feature already existed.  Anyway,  come on and implement this already,  no up votes needed.  this should be standard..LOL.