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Is the Revelator io24 truly standalone?

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asked Sep 6, 2021 in Revelator Series by jasongurtz-cayla (840 points)

This is for the Revelator io24, not the microphone, but the io24 is not a choice here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The manual and product literature indicate that all settings for the Revelator io24 are stored within the device and that it operates stand-alone. However this does not seem to be entirely the case.

Let me detail my setup:

I am using the interface to share a pair of microphones between 2 computers and so both condenser mics go into input 1 & 2 on the revelator which is set to link inputs 1 & 2 as a stereo channel. Fat channel effects have been applied to this channel and are saved as a preset. The interface is connected via USB to a windows PC (I used the control software there to configure the device). The outputs of the Revelator are then connected to the inputs of another audio interface which itself has speakers and headphones connected and is attached via USB to the second computer. This all works great, can hear both computer's audio, and use the mics as input to both computers as well. However, the windows box gets a lot of updates and reboots frequently (and unattended). When that happens, the settings in the revelator do not entirely stay. This last time, the mics had both their input gains revert to zero and their phantom power set to off and, the 2 channels were separated again; interestingly, my custom preset was still selected. I had to login to the windows PC, start up the control software, and figure out what happened and reset the inputs to the correct configuration. Is this a bug, or by design?

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answered Jul 27, 2022 by jasongurtz-cayla (840 points)
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As an update, I did open a support ticket about this issue there has been some discussion on the forums as well. At least one other user has opened a ticket about this too. The first ticket was closed without warning and so I opened a second. A "senior" support rep had me create a new login profile and re-install everything. This, of course, was ineffective and they then promptly closed the ticket saying they would put in a request with the developers.

Since that time, there have been 3 new firmware/UC releases and not a single official acknowledgement of the issue in the release notes or as much in the forum. Another user theorizes the issue is specific to the stereo-pair configuration.

With all the UI annoyances and another rarer issue where the front panel stops responding (so could not even tell that this issue needed my attention!) I decided to move on. I was thinking to give the io24 to a friend and so I'm looking to see if any of the many bugs/feature requests are being fixed and I think I will sell it. I can accept that bugs happen, but the very poor support experience does not get a pass.

If you are a potential buyer, I recommend spending a bit more for something of higher quality. Check: MOTU UltraLite-mk5 and Rodecaster Pro II
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answered May 17, 2022 by dominictan1 (200 points)
This is a setup I like to try, very interesting.

As for the configuration not being saved, it seems to be a known problem and has been discussed on some YouTube's videos. Perhaps a software issue that can be resolved in future updates.
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answered Dec 30, 2022 by lvdnochp (180 points)
i got the same exact problem with this interface. as soon as it gets powercycled it looses all the settings and default to standard settings.
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answered Jan 4 by LinoContreras2239 (180 points)
Same problem here. It's no good to have DSP if you are tied to the Universal Control app to mix and make changes.