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Does the Revelator io24 have Line-in?

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asked Apr 26, 2022 in Revelator Series by devinmcinnis (120 points)
Firstly, please add a category on here that actually includes the Revelator interfaces.

Secondly, the product page for the Revelator io44 very clearly states that it has a 3.5mm Line-in port, however the io24 does not. When you go into the manual for the io24, available in the downloads section of it's product page, it seems to say that the two front multi-ports do have line-in capability, in addition to instrument and mic level signals. Can anyone confirm that you can plug a line level signal into these front ports on the io24? I want to plug a line level signa into the interface but I don't want to blow it up putting a line level into an instrument port.

Following up on this, other than the available ports is there any significant difference between the two internally, other than the I/O obviously. Lastly, if I plug a line level signal into the front port on an io24, does it bypass the pre-amp?


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