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Can I use soundset from Notion in StudioOne?

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asked Jun 9, 2021 in Notion by Stepjan (140 points)
I really like the connection between Notion and StudioOne, it is excellent and time saver. But I would like to use the sounds included with Notion in StudioOne too. To be specific: Notion has nice harp sound but when I transfer the part to StudioOne, it arrives without sound; and in the Presence sounds offer there is no harp at all. I know I can transfer the part as audio but then I lose the chance of working with it as midi (change pitch, harmony, timing).

It seems there are different soundsets for Notion and for StudioOne.

Is it possible somehow to use the Notion sounds within StudioOne?

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answered Aug 20, 2021 by harrymingels (1,000 points)

Hoi Stepjan,

Instrumenten meegeleverd in Notion kun je niet gebruiken in Studio One 5, en ook niet andersom.

In Notion kun je aparte nieuwe instrumenten bijkopen als VST instrument, maar dat kun je ook in Studio One 5. 

Inderdaad heeft Studio One 5 standaard geen harp geluid/instrument.

Als je je lied in Notion naar Studio One 5 zend als b.v. midi bestand (want je moet hier voor een van de 3 opties kiezen), zul je geen geluid horen als je het in Studio One 5 wilt afspelen. Je moet eerst in Studio One 5 eerst een instrument selecteren, en dat op de aangemaakte track slepen. Dan pas krijg je geluid bij afspelen.

Dus een harp zou je wel als plugin kunnen kopen als een VST-instrument, en deze zijn wel te koop van zeer goede kwaliteit.

Kijk eens bij:  Concert Harp | Project SAM |  € 118,-

Dan pas heb je in Studio One 5 er echt plezier van.


Groetjes HarryM.

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answered Aug 30, 2022 by antg1 (730 points)

Unfortunately many here in the US cannot interpret the Dutch response by Harry. Here is the translation from Dutch to English for anyone else that hits this article. I am merely doing a translation and cannot validate Harry's statement. I am still seeking an answer how to use Notion instruments in Studio One v5.

Hi Stepjan,

Instruments included in Notion cannot be used in Studio One 5, nor vice versa.

In Notion you can buy separate new instruments as a VST instrument, but you can
also do that in Studio One 5.  

Indeed, Studio One 5 does not have a harp sound/instrument by default.

If you send your song in Notion to Studio One 5 as e.g. midi file (because you 
have to choose one of the 3 options here), you will not hear any sound if you 
want to play it in Studio One 5. You must first select an instrument in Studio
One 5 and drag it onto the created track. Only then do you get sound when playing.

So you could buy a harp as a plugin as a VST instrument, and these are for sale 
of very good quality.

Have a look at: Concert Harp | Project SAM | € 118,-

Only then will you really enjoy it in Studio One 5.

good luck,