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Feature Request:Add mouse side buttons to Available shortcuts

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asked Jun 22, 2021 in Editing by xingyulu (200 points)
Can‘t use my mouse side buttons really make me mad.

If I can assign my 2 side buttons to shortcuts , guess what , Ctrl+side buttons /Alt+side buttons / Shift + side buttons ,

then i can easily get 3 more group of shortcuts.

I don't think it's a big problem for u guys to bring us  this feature and I really really want this feature, I really really want to edit with mouse side buttons, it will makes everything faster faster and faster.

Thanks to ur great work , pls give us the side buttons .

Be well

1 Answer

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answered Sep 8 by xTFUxRAMPAGEx (140 points)
i would love to be able to map mouse buttons as well. having delete on a mouse button would be great for when im editing