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No Input on Windows 10, But Output Is Fine

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asked Jun 24, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by markvincentcaro (190 points)
edited Jun 25, 2021 by markvincentcaro
I'm on Windows 10 (64-bit) and have installed Universal Control, and it is able to detect my Studio 24c device just fine.

After setting my Playback device to "Main Out 1/2 (Studio 24c)," I am able to hear playback on my headphones and see the "Main" levels light up on my device.

However, the "Inputs" levels aren't lighting up on my device even after I plugged my condenser mic into Line 1.
I have set the Mixer all the way to "Inputs," but it didn't help.

I am also unable to record even after configuring my Recording device to "Mic/Inst/Line In 1/2 (Studio 24c)" due to no sounds being recorded by the device (as evidenced by the lack of Inputs levels lighting up).

What else do I need to do to set things up for recording?

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answered Jul 5, 2021 by markvincentcaro (190 points)
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Talked to Presonus support and using an XLR Cable resolved my issue.

Turns out that condenser mics can't use standard headphone jacks (mine came with it) because 48V phantom power isn't compatible with them.

Hope this helps someone out there!